The Quality of the Nordic summers

The mild summers and the long hours of sunlight give the grains in Sweden ideal conditions for a gentle ripening, filling every kernel with taste and nutrition.

Swedish Oats grow in the vast Nordic landscape, where the air is pure and the water is clean. The mild climate and long hours of sunlight means that oatkernels mature slower. From the long, gentle process, the oat develops a full, delicious taste and all the nutrients we need. 

Making the best oat, oat that is rich in taste and loaded with nutrition, requires many things. It all starts in the field, using the best, carefully selected seeds in clean and very fertile soil where the oat can source it’s nutrition. Letting the oat grow naturally without poisoning the soil with over-fertilization or GMOs.


The better the climate the better the oat! A mild, light intense climate allows the oat to mature slowly and load itself with taste and nutrients. Again, a clean environment ensures that no pollution gets to the oats. Once harvested, the oat has to be carefully and professionally milled, with highest quality standards to preserve the great taste and all nutrition, and to ensure the food safety.


Swedish Oats – 100% taste and nutrition. Nothing else!

AXA Swedish Harvest is oat that is naturally filled with taste and nutrition since 1910. The Nordic climate with harsh winters and mild light intense summers give the oat the time it needs to mature and slowly charge a lot of taste and nutrition from Mother Nature and the midnight sun.

Our rich, tasty oat is always 100 % wholegrain and full of all the fibers, vitamins and minerals that you need to feel good.

The clean environment, and our careful and responsible farming where we take responsibility all the way from field to fork means that what we have in our pack is clean, pure and very tasty oat. Nothing else. 

When you buy Swedish Oats you get a great taste and all the good from oat. Nothing else.