Granola Apple, Orange & Pumpkin Seed

Granola with rolled oats, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, apple and orange. Serve as typical Swedish breakfast - eat the muesli with milk or yogurt, super simple and convenient. Or, why not make a dessert with ice cream and yoghurt?

Weight 475 gram

Did you know that...

Oats are naturally gluten-free and that apples are rich in several essential nutrients, including antioxidants, minerals and fiber.

  • What's inside?

    Rolled oats*, sunflower seeds, chicory root fiber, rye flakes*, vegetable oil (rapeseed, shea), dried pieces of apple 7%, barley flakes*, pumpkin seeds 5%, apple juice concentrate, freeze dried orange 2% (concentrated orange juice, orange pulp), salt, vanilla flavour. *Wholegrain. The product contains 54% wholegrain.

    May contain traces of:
    Nuts (including almonds)

  • Nutrion Facts (Pr. 100 g)

    Energy, kJ: 1850
    Energy, kcal: 440
    Fat (g): 20
      - of which saturates (g): 2,0
    Carbohydrate (g): 46
      - of which sugars (g): 11
    Dietary fibre (g) 16
    Protein (g): 11
    Salt (g): 0,3
    Phosphorus (mg) 360
    Magnesium (mg) 130
    Iron (mg) 4,2
    Zinc (mg) 2,6

    Weight 475 gram