Fruit & Nuts MÜSLI

Muesli with 45% fruit and nuts and the best-selling muesli in the Nordic countries. Mixed together with healthy Swedish oat and flakes from barley and wheat, rich in fiber and whit wholegrain oats.

Weight 700 gram

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Did you know that...

8/10 Swedes eat breakfast every morning. 


  • What's inside?

    Rolled oats*, raisins, roasted barley flakes (barley flakes*, sugar, salt, barley malt), wheat flakes*, dates, roasted hazelnuts, roasted coconut flakes (coconut, sugar), roasted banana chips (banana, coconut oil, sugar, flavor). *Wholegrain. the product contains 55% wholegrain, 38% fruit pieces and 7% hazelnuts. 

    May contain traces of:
    Other nuts (included almonds)

    Weight 700 gram

  • Nutrion Facts (Pr. 100 g)

    Energy, kJ 1550
    Energy, kcal 370
    Fat (g) 8,8
     - of which saturates (g) 2,2
    Carbohydrate (g) 60
     - of which sugars (g) 23
    Dietary fibre (g) 9,2
    Protein (g) 8,6
    Salt (g) 0,3

    Weight 700 gram