Fruit & Nuts MÜSLI

Muesli with 45% fruit and nuts and the best-selling muesli in the Nordic countries. Mixed together with healthy Swedish oat and flakes from barley and wheat, rich in fiber and whit wholegrain oats.

Weight 700 gram

Did you know that...

8/10 Swedes eat breakfast every morning. 


  • What's inside?

    Rolled oats*, raisins, roasted barley flakes (barley flakes*, sugar, salt, barley malt), wheat flakes*, dates, roasted hazelnuts, roasted coconut flakes (coconut, sugar), roasted banana chips (banana, coconut oil, sugar, flavor). *Wholegrain. the product contains 55% wholegrain, 38% fruit pieces and 7% hazelnuts. 

    May contain traces of:
    Other nuts (included almonds)

    Weight 700 gram

  • Nutrion Facts (Pr. 100 g)

    Energy, kJ 1550
    Energy, kcal 370
    Fat (g) 8,8
     - of which saturates (g) 2,2
    Carbohydrate (g) 60
     - of which sugars (g) 23
    Dietary fibre (g) 9,2
    Protein (g) 8,6
    Salt (g) 0,3

    Weight 700 gram